Middleton Crossbow

Middleton Crossbow have been making the worlds fastest recurve crossbows since 2005, the DTM line of bows are also the lightest of any crossbow at 5.1 lbs. the DTM315 is the shortest lightest fastest recurve in the market today.

Our five years of perfecting this product line leave you the dealer with a crossbow line that has no technical uncertainty.

We are also proud of the fact that our product has 100% North American content.

We also offer a lifetime warranty.

Come see us for a line of crossbows that will change your crossbow sales and bring your customer satisfaction to a new level.

Derrick Middleton


1235 Fairview Street #142
Burlington, ON L752K9

Find us at...

Indianapolis Convention Center Hall A - C Floor: 1

Indianapolis Convention Center Hall A - C Floor: 1

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Categories: Crossbows/Accessories
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